Gryffindor: I’m a fucking hero.
Slytherin: I’m fucking badass.
Ravenclaw: I’m smart as fuck.
Hufflepuff: My dorm is near the kitchen.


Hufflepuff wins

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The Dark Knight Returns by Jim Cheung


The Dark Knight Returns by Jim Cheung

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Now this is how one should do the Ice Bucket. The best I’ve seen so far…

Lois & Clark, The Greatest team EVER!

After a couple jugs of Ice water, I’m sure this is how Henry Cavill’s on the inside…


Batman & Poison Ivy // Mahmud Asrar


what a time to be alive

heaven is a place in canada…



what a time to be alive

heaven is a place in canada…

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Name: Alan
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The last thing I Googled was: ” What does OTPs mean?”
First word that comes to mind: “Assholeface.”
What I last said to a family member: “yeah…uh huh…ok…ok…si…ok..yeah…uh huh uh huh…ok ok ok uh…ok bye.”
One place that makes me happy and why: cinema
How many blankets I sleep under: it’s been hot lately so one.
Favorite beverage: Rum and coke.
The last movie I watched in the cinema was: Guardians Of The Galaxy 
Three things I can’t live without: comic books/books, movies, booze.
A piece of advice for all my followers: Don’t tip. Tell em “Reservoir Dogs, bitch!” Unless they’re bartenders though. Tip them good! On the real though just keep tryin’ bub.
You have to listen to this song: Stuck in my head for days so “Come and get your love” by Redbone.
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Sweet new Poster For ‘The Flash’

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Come and get your love…

This song has been with me ever since I saw the film.

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DC Hero Profiles: The Series

This is the full DC Hero Profiles series thus far. There are a ton of characters I still want to include… Doctor Fate, Robin, Batgirl, Blue Devil, the Atom, etc. I love the #DCU and have really enjoyed building this series! If you have a character suggestion, I’d love to hear from you.


Random thought…

Saw Gotg again today. Enjoyed it the first time but appreciated it a lot more this time around. Guardians of the galaxy was fantastic film not only as a marvel movie (it’s Mahvel baby!) but also as a space opera. With Star Wars episode 7 is coming out soon, I think the space opera genre should come back in general.